We believe there are three key obstacles that plague traditional planning approaches:

Obstacle #1: Lack of sufficient data. The business owner and his or her advisors have data, yet it’s typically not integrated across all disciplines and even if it is, no one has the time to keep it both current and integrated.

Obstacle #2: Lack of a synchronized voice. Each advisor has valuable perspectives and expertise, yet there’s no process or methodology for synchronizing the best elements of each idea into an ideal path.


Obstacle #3: Lack of ability to anticipate. Without the first two elements, the business owner can’t fully anticipate the impact or trade-offs of decisions or non-decisions. This is when planning is put on hold in place of more urgent issues of running the business.

Upper echelon entrepreneurs have strategic processes for getting the results they want in their businesses. The Results Accelerator System™ allows them to run their wealth with the same proven methodology. As such, we offer time-tested, proven solutions to these obstacles.


Solution #1: We document and integrate incredibly thorough data across each of the relevant professional disciplines. The owner has confidence in the data, and all the professionals literally can turn to the same page regarding key numbers, projections and information.

Solution #2: We create a collaborative, creative team with existing internal and external advisors. Together we synergize the best elements of each idea into a common voice for the owner.

Solution #3: When the owner can clearly anticipate both the journey and the destination, decisions are made and the hunger for progress is accelerated.


Each element of The Results Accelerator System™ is modeled after what has worked in substantial, successful, closely held companies.